Track Weekend

Sat-Sun 9-10 May 2020

5 Sessions track driving / Day

(2 x 24' + 3 x 20')


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Sa 9 May - 135 €

Su 10 May - 135 €

Sa-Su 9-10 May - 245 €

Authorized cars

All street legal cars, i.e. no pure track cars that are not registered on public roads.


Don't forget

  • Car that is technically 100% fit
    • cleaned on the outside (pictures)
    • cleaned windshield
    • checked the amount of
      • oil
      • coolant
      • windshield washer fluid
    • reasonably "fresh" tires
    • brake pads with some "margin" - in doubt bring extra pads with you, we can mount them for you
    • towing eye (has to be mounted before going on track)
  • Helmet | Shirt or jacket with Long sleeves | Long trousers | Comfortable, Closed shoes
  • Identity card | Driving licence
  • Positive attitude, discipline, good fellowship, a fit body in a clear mindset

Noise (dB) limit

Please be aware that the maximum noise that your car may produce, while driving on track (= under "dynamic conditions"), is 100 dB (example: a Porsche GT3 with Akrapovic exhaust = OK).

There will be no static check before you go on track.


Paddock and entrance guarded

  • paddock and main entrance guard (day and night)


  • licensed track-officials with radio connection
  • intervention team
  • safety car
  • digital, visual control of the complete track from "race control"


  • medical centre with 2 doctors
  • 2 manned ambulances


In the paddock

There is no petrol station in the paddock.

Don't forget to bring one or two jerry cans with you.

Outside of the paddock

Carrefour Market Petrol Station

Distance = 1,5 km | Time = 5'

Avenue de Perie
32110 Nogaro

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Technical service

  • We have a limited technical service on site.
  • Changing brake pads on your car is for example no problem at all (if you brought them with you).
  • We have no sales of brake pads or other technical parts.

Tyre service

  • We have a service to check your tire pressure, and put it on the correct pressure if necessary.
  • There is no tyre sales on site.

Meals | Drinks

  • In the paddock behind the Pitboxes - in Box 27 - there's a snack-bar open all day


Circuit Paul Armagnac Nogaro

Rue de Caupenne
32110 Nogaro

Google Maps

TPL Insurance = included!

  • At WHEELTORQUE, the TPL insurance (third party liability) is included in the booking price
  • Some circuits require a license. The only reason for this is that there is a TPL insurance included in it
  • Because we provide for all participants - included in the price - such a TPL insurance, a license is not requested during our events


Do not hesitate to call us!

Frank: +32 476 691 091

Sa 9 May - 135 €

Su 10 May - 135 €

Sa-Su 9-10 May - 245 €