F1 GP Track

Track Day

Mon 13 July 2020

6 Sessions track driving

(3 x 18' + 3 x 25')


Mo 13 Jul - 209 €

Authorized cars

All street legal cars, i.e. no pure track cars that are not registered on public roads.


Don't forget

  • Car that is technically 100% fit
    • cleaned on the outside (pictures)
    • cleaned windshield
    • checked the amount of
      • oil
      • coolant
      • windshield washer fluid
    • reasonably "fresh" tires
    • brake pads with some "margin" - in doubt bring extra pads with you, we can mount them for you
    • towing eye (has to be mounted before going on track)
  • Helmet | Shirt or jacket with Long sleeves | Long trousers | Comfortable, Closed shoes
  • Identity card | Driving licence
  • Positive attitude, discipline, good fellowship, a fit body in a clear mindset

Noise (dB) limit

Please be aware that the maximum noise that your car may produce, while driving on track (= under "dynamic conditions"), is 123 dB (example: a Porsche GT3 with Akrapovic exhaust = OK).

There will be no static check before you go on track.


Paddock and entrance guarded

  • paddock and main entrance guard (day and night)


  • licensed track-officials with radio connection
  • intervention team
  • safety car
  • digital, visual control of the complete track from "race control"


  • medical centre with 2 doctors
  • 2 manned ambulances


In the paddock

There is a petrol station in the paddock.

Outside of the paddock

BP Petrol Station

Distance = 8 km | Time = 9'

Wiener Strasse 51
7820 Knittelfeld

Google Maps

Technical service

  • We have a limited technical service on site.
  • Changing brake pads on your car is for example no problem at all (if you brought them with you).
  • We have no sales of brake pads or other technical parts.

Tyre service

  • We have a service to check your tire pressure, and put it on the correct pressure if necessary.
  • There is no tyre sales on site.

Meals | Drinks

  • In the paddock, there is the "Bull's Lane", that will be open between 9 AM and 7 PM.


Red Bull Ring

Red Bull Ring Straße 1
8724 Spielberg

Google Maps

TPL Insurance = included!

  • At WHEELTORQUE, the TPL insurance (third party liability) is included in the booking price
  • Some circuits require a license. The only reason for this is that there is a TPL insurance included in it
  • Because we provide for all participants - included in the price - such a TPL insurance, a license is not requested during our events


Do not hesitate to call us!

Frank: +32 476 691 091

Mo 13 Jul - 209 €