Dear {{firstname}},

You booked a while ago the ALPINE TRACK DAY @ DIJON PRENOIS.

We are looking forward seeing you there!

In case you haven't done so already: it is SUPER IMPORTANT that you read All INFO on our website and make all the necessary preparations before setting off for the circuit.

We think for example about:

  • Recent specific corona measures, such as the mandatory HEALTH PASS
  • The mandatory ONLINE BRIEFING of the circuit of Dijon itself (foresee 15 to 30' for this!) after which you will receive an "eBriefing Attestation" by mail, which you have to present on site in order to be allowed on the circuit
  • The possibility of reserving a PITBOX online at the circuit, if desired
  • The request to book in advance by e-mail if you wish to use the RESTAURANT in the paddock

The gate code works only at night (19.30 - 7.30): 23568.


Cu soon on Track!

Sporty regards,