Practical info

By you as a customer

Cancelation insurance

Ideally, you have your own cancelation insurance.
If you don't have one, you can cancel with us according to the modalities as described below.

Is possible

Cancel an event is always possible in "normal circumstances" (see below for its definition).

We do not need to know the reason for your cancellation, but we do want to be sure that it is not because you do not have a "European Digital Corona Certificate" (and suddenly realise that you will not be admitted to e.g. the circuit, the restaurant / the restaurants, the hotel / hotels, etc. provided for in the event you have booked), as this is already required for and on all our events since 1 July 2021.

As a result, cancellation requests without an EUDCC will not be accepted.

If the applicable regulations evolve into an obligation to be vaccinated in the country where the event you have booked takes place, an application for cancellation will only be accepted subject to proof of vaccination.

Send a Mail

  • To
  • Subject: "Cancellation of event X"
  • State your:
    • First and last name
    • GSM-n° with country code (+44, etc.)
    • The clear statement that you wish to cancel event X


  • In case of cancellation by you, vouchers will be edited - two vouchers per cancelled event - that are valid until the end of the third season, after the end of the current season (example: a cancelled event during season X, leads to vouchers that are valid until the end of season X+3);
  • You 'll find those vouchers in your "My page" after being logged in on our website;
  • Vouchers are non-nominative, so can also be used for a registration of a friend; you just have to give your voucher number to the other person and he / she can use it at his / her registration;
  • Our system accepts one voucher per booking;
  • A voucher can not be cut into pieces; just like with a voucher of 100 € you can not buy a product in a shop for 50 € with the question whether they can tear half of your voucher of 100 €, this is also not possible with our vouchers; this also means that our system can technically not refund money, or create a newer smaller voucher, if you would book an event with a voucher that costs less than the value of the voucher;

Admin. / cancellation costs

The "administration / cancellation costs" can be considered as:

  • real administration costs;
  • a kind of cancellation insurance which you only pay as soon as you really use it as such;

The amount of these costs depends on the time of cancellation:


Time of cancellation

Admin. cost

Till 8 wks before event

10 % (1)

Till 6 wks before event

20 % (1)

Till 4 wks before event

45 % (1)

Till 3 wks before event

50 % (1)

2 weeks before event

75 % (1)

Later (2)

90 % (1)


  1. Of the booking price
  2. Less than 7 days before the start of an event, cancelling is not possible anymore. The start of an event = the evening before the first event day, at 18.00.

By WHEELTORQUE due to force majeure

Examples of force majeure:

  • Cancellation of the event by the circuit for any reason;
  • Prohibitions of the government that:
    • prohibit (the organisation of) events during the period in which the event is scheduled;
    • make the event so difficult to organise, that it is no longer reasonably feasible;
  • One or more of the following circumstances that make the organisation of the event iimpossible, dangerous and/or unreasonable:
    • an earthquake, a tidal wave, a flood or another natural disaster;
    • a terrorist attack, war, uprising, riot, strike or closure of national borders;
    • an epidemic or pandemic;

As soon as an example of force majeure described above manifests itself, there is no longer any question of "normal circumstances" as mentioned at the very top.


  • The Dutch text is the legal version; all others are translations without any legal validity;
  • In the event of any disputes, Belgian law applies, and the court of Bruges is the only competent authority;

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