Mo 5 Jun 2023


The mandatory ONLINE BRIEFING of the circuit of Dijon itself (foresee 15 to 30' for this!) after which you will receive an "eBriefing Attestation" by mail, which you have to present on site in order to be allowed on the circuit


  • ALPINE only
  • Passenger or second Pilot = FREE
  • Choice of 3 Groups = 3 Levels (from inexperienced to very experienced)
  • 5 x 20' on track per Group | 299 €
  • This is the last day of the fully booked 3-day #AlpineDriveOut in which 40 Alpines from 7 countries participate


  • This will be a big - unseen - ALPINE track day with 100 Alpines (divided in 3 groups) coming from all over Europe

Paddock access

From 8:15 AM


Circuit Dijon-Prenois

21370 Prenois

Google Maps


  • WHEELTORQUE pitbox n° 2


  • In the morning
    • 08.15 - 09.00


  • ID-card
  • Waiver of liability, with on it:
    • First- & Lastname
    • ID card number
    • Read and approved
    • Signature

Waiver of liability


  • ID card


  • Completed | Signed waiver of liability

Receive envelop

  • Number for on your car
  • Transponder for timekeeping
  • Time schedule

Dijon | Location

Dijon is the capital of the Côte-d'Or department, and of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region.

Dijon | Place des Cordeliers

Known for

Dijon is known for its mustard, and for the ex-F1 track "Dijon-Prenois", located in the peripheral Prenois.

Track | Location

Google Maps

Track | History

The ex-GP track of Dijon Prenois exists since 1972.

Between 1974 and 1984 the Grand Prix of France Formula 1 has been hosted 5 times by the track of Dijon Prenois.
The winners were: Ronnie Peterson from Sweden (1974), the American world champion Mario Andretti (1977), the Frenchman Jean-Pierre Jabouille (1979), the French quadruple world champion Alain Prost (1981) and the Austrian triple world champion Niki Lauda (1984).

Dijon-Prenois | 1974 | Peterson gives Lotus its 20th F1 win

Also the Grand Prix Formula 1 from Switzerland has been organized twice at Dijon Prenois.
Those have been won by the Swiss Clay Regazzoni (1975) and the Finnish world champion Keke Rosberg (1982), father of Nico Rosberg, who became world champion in 2016, 34 years after his father.

The track became world famous in 1979, due to the heroic battle - for second place during the Grand Prix of France - between the Canadian Gilles Villeneuve - father of Jacques Villeneuve, who became world champion in 1997 - and the Frenchman René Arnoux.

1979 video of the battle Villeneuve-Arnoux

The lay-out of the track has been unchanged during all those years, which is unique.
Meanwhile, the surface has of course been renewed several times, the overall security has been improved, and the infrastructure has been modernized.

Riding time

  • 5 sessions of free riding per group
  • view "Timeschedule" for more details

Free third party liability (TPL) insurance

Free timekeeping: at noon, the groups will be optimised based on the lap times of the morning

Free coffee all day long in the WHEELTORQUE box

Tyre service 

  • A tyre pressure gauge is available on site
  • There is no tyre sales on site

Photo service


Surveillance of paddock and its entrance

  • Paddock and entrance with guard, 24/24


  • Officially certified track officials with radio connection
  • Intervention team / safety car
  • Staff for video surveillance of the complete track (during the sessions)


  • Medical centre with 2 doctors
  • 2 manned ambulances

Experienced organisation

Noise (dbA) limit

Please be aware that the maximum noise that your car may produce, while driving on track (= under "dynamic conditions"), is 100 dbA.

Tyre service 

  • A tyre pressure gauge is available on site
  • There is no tyre sales on site

In the paddock

There is a petrol station in the paddock.

Attention: the price is higher than outside the paddock.

Outside of the paddock

Station-service TOTAL Access

"Relais du Bol d'Or"

Distance = 12 km | Time = 10'

+ 33 3 80 57 15 73

Boulevard de Troyes 88
21240 Talant

Google Maps

Meals | Drinks

There is a restaurant in the paddock.


Renting a pitbox is not necessary for anything, but it is possible for those who really wish it.


  • 12 x 5 = 60 m2

Present in each pitbox

  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Toilet

Rental price

  • 210 € / day


  • 300 €
  • To be paid before handing over the keys in cash or by credit card

Book and pay a pitbox

  • Online
  • If pitboxes remain, you can also ask to rent a pitbox on site - in the office building of the circuit, during the office hours; in that case payment can be made in cash or by credit card
  • Collecting the key to your pitbox in the office building of the circuit

Reserve and Pay a Pitbox

  • It is forbidden to leave worn tyres in the paddock
  • Drilling or making holes in the ground is prohibited (for example, to secure your tent)
  • No smoking in the boxes, the pitlane and along the circuit
  • Children are not permitted to walk around the pitlane without being accompanied
  • It is forbidden to bring animals to the entire race track area
  • It is forbidden to make “Burnouts” under penalty of a fine of € 1.000 (imposed by the race track)


  • Car that is technically 100% fit
    • Cleaned on the outside (pictures)
    • Cleaned windshield
    • Checked the amount of
      • oil
      • coolant
      • washer
    • Reasonable "fresh" tires
    • Brake pads with some "margin"
    • Towing eye (has to be mounted before going on track)
  • Helmet | Shirt or jacket with Long sleeves | Long Trousers | Comfortable, Closed shoes
  • Identity card | Driving licence
  • Positive attitude, discipline, good fellowship, a fit body in a clear mindset



  • management@wheeltorque.eu
  • Always state your:
    • First and last name
    • GSM-n° with country code
  • We 'll reply ASAP and if necessary we will contact you by phone