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 Force majeure

  • Cancel a booking is possible provided that force majeure is applicable.
  • Give us a call ASAP as you know you will not be able to participate to a booked event, Mobile + 32 476 691 091 (Frank).
  • Confirm the conversation afterwards by email to management@eybis.com.
  • WheelTorque has the power of decision on whether or not to accept the cancellation. However, here we are 100% human and flexible.


  • In accepting your cancellation two vouchers wil be created, which will be valid until the end of the second season, after the expiration of the current season.
  • Example: a canceled event during season X, leads to a voucher(s), valid until the end of year X + 2
  • Vouchers are non-nominative, so can be used by a any person
  • Only one voucher can be used per booking.

Admin- / cancellation costs

  • The "Administration/cancellation costs" can be seen as:
    • real administration costs
    • kind of cancellation insurance which you only pay as soon as you really use it as such
  • The amount of these cost depends on the moment of cancellation

    Moment of cancellation


    Till 6 weeks prior to event 10 %
    Till 4 weeks prior to event 20 %
    Till 3 weeks prior to event 30 %
    Till 2 weeks prior to event 40 %
    Till 1 weeks prior to event 50 %
    Still later 100 %

* Percentage of the booking price.